Collect, analyse and reasemble.


I think I missed the last two parts. For what I got from the project we had only to collect stuff. Reading the project’s name, it’s obvious I should developed further.
For me collections are hard, I don’t care too much about objects. I had a post card collection when teenage, but that was gone when mooving houses for the 10th time. (aproximately ).
I started collectin newspappers so I could cut ramdom words, and then would reassemble them somehow to make some kind of sence…But then saw how many logos and commercials are all over our daily lives, and most of them we dont notice due to being overloaded with information from everywhere.

I think that a good development on this project would be to create a kind of hybrid logo, using 2 unrelated ones. That hybrid could be funny or a review on our societies…it all depends…

I still like my logos book, and I think it’s a good source for visual research.


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