Photography workshop

Hey there,

Last week we went to D streets to take pictures, in a very old camera, black and white film…. like the 90’s?
Then we prepared the negatives and took them home.

Well, I couldn’t wait 1 week to properly see the images, (and someone knew this). So I got a beautiful machine to transfer from film to computer. Now I know which pics I want to reveal tomorrow!

I enjoyed the hole process, our workshop leader said it was all about “slowing down”, take the time to think and imagine. And also the opportunity to “screw up” and maybe get some benefit from it. hihi

So here are a few of my favourite, and the best and probably the few that aren’t completely messed up

At the end of the day, I liked it, for sure…but I can’t imagine doing this a lot in the future. But a question remains, would these pictures turn out to be completely different if I used a digital camera? How would it affect the work?




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