Celebration Week Day

The afternoon is going smoothly, we have seen a few repeated work, from December… I would like to have seen some new stuff, maybe organised into a fair, so we could walk around and interact with specific designers that most interested us, in a more relaxed way.

Most of the presenters were very confident and I really wish to develop that skills during Uni time. 


Typography – drawing

My first (recorded) attempt to draw a font – Baskerville 72 points. During this process I noticed so many details, mainly about the serifs, that are so beautiful and prominent here, without chocking.

Há, keening is a b*

What i have try next is a sans-Serif shaded… It’s really hard to replicate it without any guides in the paper :/. (Mental reminder to get milimetric paper). I have never liked this kind of type before. But I guess if the shades are slimmer it can be used for a modern look.

Then romantic :

Awfull, need more practice and more attention, maybe the library is a better place to type, not the coutch.

Photography workshop

Hey there,

Last week we went to D streets to take pictures, in a very old camera, black and white film…. like the 90’s?
Then we prepared the negatives and took them home.

Well, I couldn’t wait 1 week to properly see the images, (and someone knew this). So I got a beautiful machine to transfer from film to computer. Now I know which pics I want to reveal tomorrow!

I enjoyed the hole process, our workshop leader said it was all about “slowing down”, take the time to think and imagine. And also the opportunity to “screw up” and maybe get some benefit from it. hihi

So here are a few of my favourite, and the best and probably the few that aren’t completely messed up

At the end of the day, I liked it, for sure…but I can’t imagine doing this a lot in the future. But a question remains, would these pictures turn out to be completely different if I used a digital camera? How would it affect the work?



Simple things 

One thing I love and cherish is chocolate. But when it comes in a beautiful box, it doesn’t get any better.  

The aesthetic is so sweet and old looking that I feel like a princess honestly. Plus the art-deco feeling from the type and the flowery silver motifs hit me in the right spot. 



Typograpfy at The pub 

I’m chilling at the Liverpool st station waiting for my good friend from Hungary, when I notice the bottle at my table. First: not my bottle, I don’t like chileno wine. 

I have a few questions
1. Why the hell the logo does not start with a capital letter?  To be “informal”? It’s a serifed type. Please. 


2. What is up with the different (not cohesive) different type (Sauvignon blanc ) 

3. Why is valle central/ wine of chile / 2015 with a total different style? 

4. Why? 

The tierra it’s not even centred 

Who did this? 


Drawing at an airplane.

Since I couldn’t make it to the drawing in the tube class, I decided to draw in the airplane in my way back to London from Lisbon. It was quite productive! I’m not the greatest illustrator, but being there for a few hours with a lot of people sleeping was relaxing, but at the same time quite risky because I didn’t want to get caught …

(The last one doesn’t represent anyone at the airplane. Maybe just my wish to travel to Hawaii). Or to have a really pretty skirt, or my love for post its


Freshly Updated from the tube.

So we did a zine. I honestly think that it’s very hipster and all, but I had fun making it. I really like to see my colleagues work, since everyone is so different, but at the same time wen the work was joined together some of them went beautifully by pairs.

My final result was a surprise even for me. For the last 6 months I’ve been trying to do what I thought it should be done. This project I started with some struggle, but at some point decided to use a couple of drawings I had from December, and they are a kind of thing I have  lot of fun doing. Its a kind of  a pattern, and I love patterns. All kinds!


Reflecting back at this work, I think that what I liked the most was that it showed me how easy is to make a Zine. There is no secret about it.