Gill typeface + others

Last Thursday we went to a typography exhibition by the design company that is working with the Eric Gill Series. I think the space was great, very wide but it was a bit to dark and its was really hard to read and see the some material displayed and the text explaining it. We had a lovely talk with Terrance Weinzierl, that worked hard for a few years on this project. He gave us a few tips, advices and some insights on the profession. I must say I’m very interested in typography and I wish we had some hot talk about it or more workshops or ideas about where to go to learn more. 😉


Some extra on Terrance Weinzierl 

He also created this modern looking type, the Kairo. It reminds me of the gym, but in a good way.  He done so much work, for Microsoft, Open source… etc. It’s hard for me to imagine a typographer day to day… but I’ll analyse it deeply this summer for sure.

I just read an interview with him and it has some very interesting references and links.



Other font I found on the way, the Obsidian. What a beauty…

UUh! I can buy it for almost 100 pounds, what a bargain!


❤ ❤


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