Stop Motion Project


The objective of this project was to make a small film using the stop motion technic. I enjoyed quite a lot,  and intend to develop this skill,  trying to make each film more complex.
This first one is just a piece of naive canford card, with a LOT of glitter and hand cutted stars as the sky…and the falling star in paper as well.
The video it self wasn’t very good, because of the difficulty to get good lightening, but I think the problem was partly solved in Adobe Premier. I would like the background to be more clear, since the colour alteration was so big.

I hope you enjoy it ūüôā


Letter press 

 Last week I had  a great workshop. Did a lot of letter pressing… Had a lot of fun and still have some paint on me… Aha. 

I think that the teacher was so nice and th aught us the process with great detail. Ever since I had taught about the importance of “phisical design” and I see that is important to pass the knowledge of this “way of doing things onwards.

Let me show you some pictures so you can have a greater understanding of how it went: 



Gill typeface + others

Last Thursday we went to a typography exhibition by the design company that is working with the Eric Gill Series. I think the space was great, very wide but it was a bit to dark and its was really hard to read and see the some material displayed and the text explaining it. We had a lovely talk with Terrance Weinzierl, that worked hard for a few years on this project. He gave us a few tips, advices and some insights on the profession. I must say I’m very interested in typography and I wish we had some hot talk about it or more workshops or ideas about where to go to learn more. ūüėČ


Some extra on Terrance Weinzierl : 

He also created this modern looking type, the Kairo. It reminds me of the gym, but in a good way. ¬†He done so much work, for Microsoft, Open source… etc. It’s hard for me to imagine a typographer day to day… but I’ll analyse it deeply this summer for sure.

I just read an interview with him and it has some very interesting references and links.



Other font I found on the way, the Obsidian. What a beauty…

UUh! I can buy it for almost 100 pounds, what a bargain!


‚̧ ‚̧