Core workshops – Zines

In Professor Kieron workshop, the class was shown a glimpse into the world of Zines. We looked at the relevance of them in both the illustration and the graphical design industry, and were also shown exactly how create one. We went on to discuss the various medias artists use within them, and how a pc can create or enhance a zine. Zines are a quick and cheap way of lone producing a piece of work dedicated to a certain subject. They are usually small booklets or leaflets. Different artists create zines in different ways, some stapling them, others folding, some physically sticking images in, others using print. … Then went onto show us how to fold and create a zine. The items needed are a cutting mat and scalpel, a ruler and A3 paper. Laying it down landscape, you carefully fold the paper in half. Then use the ruler to flatten the edges from the middle outwards. Repeat this until there is four long folds. Then fold it once through the middle, so there is 8 small sections. Proceed turn it over and slice through the long fold, but only between the two middle sections. Finally, you simply pull out these sections and fold down the paper so it’s in an X shape. Then bring it all together and flatten the final edge with the ruler. To conclude, the class were shown a simple step by step guide to essentially create our own small magazines.



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