Collect what you see!

In the process of designing, collecting imagery and documenting every twist and turn the design process takes- helps it move it forward. Our minds are constantly absorbing information, impressions and images that spark ideas, makes us react and helps us make decisions. Visual Research means keeping that data for ourselves, for future use or for a project through for example drawings, photography, text and film. Having a collection of visual research in front of you makes it easier to go back to a certain point in the process and make a different decision for a different outcome and it also allows other people to access it, so start collecting!

Sketch book pic:é


A nice game about throwing balls at cups.

At the last part of professor Adrian’s class we played a game, each player had to throw one ball, either to the nearest or furthest cup. Scoring the closer cup represented 5 points to your team, and scoring the furthest 10 points.

 Unfortunately only one of us did it, but of course, the important part of the game was to teach us a lesson  in a fun and relaxed way…it was all about confidence and what kind of challenges we propose for ourselves.

To conclude, the experience was very positive, we laughed and socialised with our new colleagues…and then, went to lunch!



What type of learner are you?

There ar
e three different types of learning.

Visual Learner – learn by seeing and is normally a fast talker. It is able to memorize and remember
various information. Learns better in lectures by watching them.

Auditory Learner – learn by hearing and is normally a slow talker. It notices different aspects of speaking. Retains information through hearing and speaking.

Kinaesthetic Learner– learn by feeling or experiencing and is normally the slowest talker. It prefers to demonstrate how to do something rather than verbally explaining it, using the hands on approach to learn new material




What is a blog?

A blog is a regularly updated journal or diary that is created on the Internet. Blogs are typically written in an informal and conversational style. Originally, the primary uses of blogs were for people to write about their everyday life and day-to-day activities, but now blogs hold are wider range of interesting topics: from health and cooking to sports and news.


Why blog?

No matter what your profession is, blogging is a great way to show your work and express yourself. With the use of categories and tags as well as a growing number of Internet users, blogging can be a way to find people that like your work, share similar interests to you and can also allow you to gain valuable contacts.