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G&T: Stop Motion development.



This was a long day, but I got to make 3 gifs that are now on my youtube channel.

I’ve been hidden in the animation room the entire day. Made 3 “final-development” gifs, (actually made a couple more, but I decided not to upload them yet.)

I came here with the story boards prepared, all paper cutted and rolled… but through the day new ideas and a few adaptations happened.
Naomi was a lifesaver, and helped me set everything, and only left the room after I was basically ready to go. Big thanks 🙂

What I’ve learned today: this was exhausting. I had fun, I’m a bit closer to the final gifs, but not as much as I hoped. (The gifs look very rough…and I guess it would take a lot of editing or a few days remaking them…in order to get to the point where I’m totally happy.)   

Looking back now, (2 weeks after), I really really like them.
I enjoy the process and the outcomes are cute.

At least its always fun to work with dragon frame, and I got to learn and practice.

Looking forward to get back there 🙂

Link to youtube channel, where the gifs are actually videos:




G&T: Development, paper and digital








Yesterday I started folding paper to make an spiral for the word Day, and I ended up folding all my words using paper strips. Might as well make a gif out of it. I honestly thought the result would be more interesting…I’m not sure what to think, if I should try to digitalize the other words or not. Was looking very nautical in blue, so I decided to try with grey and transparency. Honestly I like that one, but I’m not quite sure how I did it, haha. It was very “experimental”. I played and mixed opacities…and here it is.




G&T: Development



After making those collages I wanted to animate them. The last one was my favorite. For me it represents the unexpected. (as each day can bring so much positive things and be an adventure).  The gif is very basic, and I think it doesn’t looks/ moves exactly as I wanted it to. But, its development. 🙂

Gif Making: Development


Today I begin to experiment as much as I can. I still have the animation room booked for Monday, and will enjoy the day there.
But I want to make different things, use different processes.

I started working with the sun-rise / horizon with the word day.
I made the drawings on the bottom hopping they worked as a GIF, but they don’t. Needed more frames. So I made a digital version of it….

For the word DAY, I like crazy stuff coming appearing/transforming  from the center ( horizon ). I really like it. Its like the day itself, there’s no way of knowing what is going to happen. This one reminds me a bit of sound waves.

day red and pink drawing


G&T: Screen Print workshop

Today we learned a third method to use screen printing….one that takes a lot of time, so no outcomes yet. We basically have to paint using the brown sticky liquid we used in the UV process, (also used a new green sticky liquid that works the opposite way, so its a “repellent” for the brown. )

Honestly It just took the fun away from the method. My favorite one is stencil. ( who knew).

Now that the screen is all done, I have to come back and print I guess. I did it with Aurius, the new guy in our studio. And maybe we might print in different days, so it will be interesting to see how both of us ‘interact’ with the screen.
Positive side: It was cool to work with someone new, a fresh friendly face.



G&T: research/development word: Need

The word need is very complex. Each person has a totally different idea of what a their set of basic needs are. What they need to get through the day, or what they need to feel good about themselves.

What I’ve learn this summer is that our “needs” tie us down. And after my dictionary/ synonym research and word association I decided to approach this delicate subject as I see it. In my very direct manner.

Word association: Compulsion, Demand, Duty, Exigency, Essential, Longing, Must, Urgency, Weakness and Wish.

As we see through the synonym list, needing is very negative. And the amount of needs a human have is proportional to the amount of effort he/she must to fulfill them. It is incarcerating in many ways, specially when we confuse social aspirations with needs. ( fashion, electronics, food, activities….).

The focus here will be on the freedom to be oneself  X the power of our needs, and a reflection on them.

For the stop motion development I’ll play with the idea of a brain as a ballon.
For the photographic dev. I hope to do a photoshoot focusing on make-up and clothing.

( Again: the fading is very desirable here too, because it makes the concept of Freedom and Essential stronger.)




G&T: research/development word: Low

Researching the word low, I’ve realized the most interesting concept was related to “feeling low”, and wanting to have something strong to make visual, I chose ” rock bottom” ( lowest possible ) to be the idea behind my gifs.

Word association : rock, black, destruction, numbness, pain, strength.

The stop motion concept will be focused on tearing paper, very raw… and the fading of color here, is very suitable and desired.
The photographic development is going to be done at one of Harrods elevators. Their designs feature early XX century panels, that are the most beautiful ones ( round buttons that that light up ).  How do I know this? I found that there’s a BIG community of elevator-enthusiasts on Youtube… they record their “rides” on elevators all over the world! (…and harrods is the most accessible place to go here in London. )

I’ve learned a lot about elevators and I guess I’m a big NERD for getting what the hype is all about.

So…the plan is to get out of bed really early on a Sunday (to avoid tourists) and go to Harrods to take some lovely pics of buttons.


G&T: development

The idea is to develop 3 processes to create my gifs and make one gif for each work for each process.

1. Stop Motion using paper
2. Photography
3. Line drawing
4. Letterpress (?)

Next Monday I have the animation studio booked and will make 3 gifs using paper. For all of my three words.

I have the storyboards made, and a list of materials all set to go.

Then, the photographic development will happen on 2 weekends, if everything goes as planed.

Then, the line drawing concept is still pretty rough, but it will be developed later this week.

So, visuals on development later this week / next Monday.